Our 30,000 people are spread far and wide across the world.

What unites them is an ambition to make our network of ports stronger; sharing knowledge, skills and innovations freely across borders, oceans and continents. So that wherever in the world we operate, we operate to the very best standards.

This is what makes us a true network, and a rewarding place to work.

David Shin

Chief Executive Officer - United Arab Emirates

I have been with Hutchison Ports for over 15 years. During this period, I have worked for at least 10 of our business units and have been stationed in Seoul, Hong Kong and Dubai. No matter where I am, I always enjoy working alongside high calibre colleagues from various countries and backgrounds.

Nothing is more satisfying than successfully completing a long negotiation with customers to create mutual benefit. Often there can be many challenges and obstacles, so to find a win-win solution, which will support our customers and help drive our business, is always a highlight.

The company is highly meritocratic and there are plenty of opportunities to grow.

Nithara Gayatri

Procurement and Contracts, Hutchison Ports Ajman

We have a variety of customers and partners and, being a manager of procurement and contracts, I deal with most of them on a regular basis. The most satisfying part is that it is easy to deal with suppliers and customers because of the reputation of Hutchison Ports.

I enjoy the cultural diversity of the Group as we have people in our office of different nationalities under one roof. I also enjoy being part of a multinational group which has an exceptional reputation among the industry leaders.

I would say that Hutchison Ports is the best place to work, with lots of growth and learning opportunities and room to explore your talents. The growth prospects for myself, and the Group, as well as the mobility options due to the wider network of business units always excites me and motivates me to improve and further develop myself.

Nithara Gayatri

Nithara Gayatri