OUR Brand

In September 2016, we changed the name of our network to ‘Hutchison Ports’. The rebranding revolved around a modernised logo, which was designed to more accurately reflect our position in globalised trade as the world’s leading port network.

The logo represents a horizon line between sea and sky, rising to reflect progress and the ambition that drives us forward. The horizon indicates a meeting point – the coming together of people, partners, knowledge, experience and expertise in one world-class network.


Whilst the rebranding project required an extensive, worldwide update of signage, communications materials, office spaces and port nomenclature, it was also a chance for us to restate the values that have long underpinned how we operate.

The Hutchison Ports organisation uses the acronym ‘UNITY’ to mark a set of five values that set us apart from our competitors. You can read more about UNITY here.


150 yrs

We have been leading and delivering what matters most to our customers ,partners and employees.