Personalised Approach To Chinese Teaching

At Hutong School, we pride ourselves on our teaching quality, for which we’ve been awarded the iStudy Guide award for Educational Excellence. We believe that personalized teaching is the key to fast and effective results, which is why we keep our group classes small and offer a range of customizable courses.

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To ensure our students enroll on the right program and progress towards their learning goals, we offer a one-on-one level assessment and study plan. Based on this, our experienced teachers expertly adapt their style and course content to suit your interest and aims, ensuring classes are relevant and motivating.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers with a major in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. They each have at least 5 years professional experience working with students from all ages and nationalities. Many of them have taught abroad, equipping them with a deep understanding of different cultures and the difficulties students of various linguistic backgrounds face when learning Chinese. Our teaching team boast outstanding interpersonal skills and share a passion for teaching Chinese.

In order to maintain our award-winning teaching standards, our teachers undergo regular training and evaluation conducted by our experienced Management Team. 

Our Awards

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We are proud winners of various awards which recognise the quality of our courses and services:

That's Beijing Lifestyle Awards: Mandarin School of the Year 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023

That's Shanghai Lifestyle Awards: Mandarin School of the Year 2021, 2023

iStudy Global Awards: Academic Excellence Award of the Year, 2017/18

BonApp Awards: Mandarin School of the Year 2019 Beijing & Shanghai

GoAbroad: Top Rated Organization 2021, 2022

GoAbroad: Top Rated Online Program 2021, 2022

"The Hutong School in Shanghai will always hold a special place in my heart. The teachers are truly top-quality, able to teach at a variety of Chinese levels and matching up with the individual needs of the students flawlessly. I was extremely satisfied with my teachers, and really felt like I was learning at my maximum pace in my one-on-one lessons. Highly recommended.”  Elliot S.

Innovative Teaching Methodology

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Based on 18+ years’ experience teaching Mandarin, the unique Hutong School teaching methodology has been proven to speed up the language learning process. By separating spoken Chinese from character recognition and creating an immersive classroom environment, we encourage students to start speaking from the start. As you progress in spoken Chinese, you develop an understanding of how Chinese characters are constructed and begin laying a solid foundation for character memorization. 

Our in-house teaching methodology is based on a unique 12-step system that runs alongside the HSK levels and takes learners from complete beginner to advanced level. Unlike the HSK, our system allows learners to keep close track of their progress and reach milestones more frequently, helping break the daunting task of mastering Chinese into smaller, more manageable steps. Formed of 3 overriding stages each consisting of several levels, our syllabus provides learners a clear overview of their development and helps to set expectations by suggesting how long it should take to work through the level.

Our students have the chance to study from a range of quality course materials, including our very own Hutong Chinese textbook series and interactive learning platform. These are designed to help you learn practical modern-day Chinese and practice anywhere and anytime. 

HSK Integration And Preparation

Our teaching methodology is closely aligned with the levels and vocabulary of the HSK curriculum, meaning that you can use your Hutong School Chinese program to prepare for the HSK exam of any level. To speed up your learning and target a specific HSK exam, you can sign up for one of our HSK preparation courses in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Suzhou, or online. To learn more about your level and the requirements for passing the HSK, take our free, online level tests.

"I take Mandarin Classes at Hutong School and I can recommend Hutong School to everyone! The teachers are very nice and patient. Their teaching method is a lot of fun and after just a few hours you can already start practicing.”   Barbara.


Guaranteed Results

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Our results-oriented method guarantees fast improvement. Whether your target is to converse fluently with business partners, pass an HSK exam or enroll on a university course, we can customize a teaching plan to get you there.

In only 3 months' time, new participants will be able to engage in basic conversation in Chinese and recognize around 600 characters. The combination of classes, free tutoring, our e-learning toolkit and the immersion into Chinese culture will help you progress faster than ever before. 

Visit our Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou,  Chengdu, or Suzhou school to arrange a free trial class, or sign up for our Intensive Chinese Program